Advantages and Disadvantages of soft-close mechanisms

Firstly i want to state that i am new to the blogging thing so please bare with me. i hope to get better at this

So for the advantages and disadvantages of soft-closing hinges and draw runners.


No more slamming drawers and doors. The soft close feature ensures cabinet doors and drawers close gently and silently.

Drawer contents stay put. Slamming drawers often sends the contents flying.

Safe for kids. The soft close mechanism closes cabinet doors and drawers slowly and softly, preventing little fingers from getting pinched. T

Improves life span. The soft close feature ensures doors and drawers are always closed properly, lessening the need for maintenance. It also puts less stress on cabinet door hinges, door and drawer stops, and drawer rails, greatly extending the life of your cabinets.


Well to my knowledge  there are no disadvantages 🙂